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    Hi Balois,

    Sorry - I can read German but can not write German!

    Your problem is know by Triumph! It has something to do with the 'Step-Motor' that the tacho uses.
    Here is a link link[/map] to a forum and thread with this problem - sorry it's English only!

    Hope it helps!

    OK So Moto91 has installed the Thunderbird's Big-Bore-Kit into my Black-Bird - Which is now a Raven!
    I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Roger for his patience and informations he gave me.

    [Blocked Image: ]
    Roger (Behind Left) and Denis (Front Right) from Moto91 with my Big Bore Kit....

    The Big Bore Kit (excluding mobile telephone):
    [Blocked Image: ]
    [Blocked Image: ]

    My Bird - on the table having a heart transplant!
    [Blocked Image: ]
    [Blocked Image: ]
    [Blocked Image: ]

    OK - So Moto91 had ordered new Shims and they arrived the NEXT DAY! Everything looked s-e-x-y again...! Back on track!

    So ther crankshaft was controlled and cleaned down just in case.
    Roger has also forwarded the findings onto Triumph and is awaiting possible feedbacks. Would be interesting to know if it's a reoccurrence!
    He'll also be doing a second BBKit installation after mine and says he really is interested to know how those shells look like... I bet he does!

    Don't worry - I WILL ask what he found and report back to you people.

    So the shells are fed via an oil feed hole on the crankshaft:
    [Blocked Image: ]

    Roger had informed me that he checked both conrod bearing oil feeds and also went over them with the highest grade of grinding paper (Schliefpapier)
    They look good now - VERY GOOD - I checked myself.

    Well Roger had already done the clearance test with some Plastigauge by the time I got there - but here is a few images:
    [Blocked Image: ]
    [Blocked Image: ]

    This indicated a clearance of 0.073 mm which was within the 0.100 tolerance of Triumphs readings.
    Actually it is something around 0.032 - 0.068 and a limit of 0.100 - So I think that's near dam perfect once things have beaded in!
    Great work Roger.

    Here's the new conrod bearing linings - you can see where the plastigauge was squidged:
    [Blocked Image:
    [Blocked Image: ]

    I also took a nice shot of the 'Exhaust-Pressure Release' mechanism in it's fittings:
    [Blocked Image: ]
    Here the pin will come into contact with the shim - thereby opening the exhaust valve when at peak compression and low (starting) speeds.

    [Blocked Image:
    ... then once the speed has picked up - centrifugal forces throw the arms out.
    This results in the pin rotating to a position that it no longer comes into contact with the shims

    I also managed to take a picture or two of the piston linings - you can see the difference in the wall thickness:
    [Blocked Image: ]
    [Blocked Image: ]

    OK - here's one of the dreaded Thermostat (mine seems to be OK for now *knocks violently on his head*):
    [Blocked Image: ]

    And for those with the exhausts off - here you can test your drive belt tension:
    Push upwards - and if you can push it to the top of the scale - it needs tightening!
    [Blocked Image: ]

    Hope all this info helps people!
    So - all in all - I'm VERY HAPPY to have Moto91 - Denis / Roger doing the work! They really showed me signs of competence and I feel assured things will come out for the best.

    Hope you liked it - and I REALLY hope that none of you out there have the same issue and don't yet know it.

    Hallo Petra - Hi Urs,

    Danke für das 'Wilkommen Wort'.
    Tja - ich hoffe das ich meine geschriebenen Deutsch wird sich verbessern - vorallem wann ich mich hier auf halten!
    *crosses fingers / druckt daumen*

    So - I hope das wir uns mal die eine oder andere Tour macht miteinander. Vorallem beim einen ausflug in der Schwarzwald - da denke ich ergibs sich sicher.
    Nun ist es langsam zu... gefärlich (für mich mit meinem wenig erfahrung)

    Urs - er war eine schöne abend mit dem RAT Pack91 zu verbringen. Tolle people! Wer weis - vieleicht bis Bar91?!?

    Also - bis auf die wärmer - trockenen zeit!


    Hoi / Hello...

    Ich hoffe das es in ordnung ist wenn ich in Englisg screibt?!

    OK - My name is Lee. I'm a 41 year old English guy living in Kanton Aargau in the district of Baden.

    I've been riding since August 2008. I started on the Speedmaster and since last October 2009 have exchanged it for the 2010 Thunderbird.
    On the rainy days I have my 1995 Tiger 900.

    I'm to be found hanging around in the TriumphRAT & Thunderbird1600 forums - and also looking into TriumphOwners too.

    Hope to maybe ride a tour with one or two of you?!

    OK - in Deutsch... :-))
    Mein name ist Lee. Bin 41 jahr alt und komme aus England. Bin zur zeit in Kanton Aargau in raum Baden.
    Seit August 2008 habe ich meine 'A' prufung geschaft. War zu erst mit dem Speedmaster unterwegs - aber seit letzte Oktober habe ich ihn für eine 2010 Thunderbird getauscht.
    Beim schlechtem wetter bin ich mit einem 1995 Tiger 900 unter wegs.

    Ich bin oft bei und zu finden (da ich English schreiben) aber schau oft heir rein!

    Vielicht treffen wir uns fur eine gemütliche tour?

    Bis dann,

    [CENTER]- my Black-Bird when I was in the Schwarzwald last month - [/CENTER]

    [CENTER]- my Tiger in the Schwarzwald Winznau - [/CENTER]